Every business owner faces different challenges, wears many hats and makes many decisions each day. Although we typically share similar goals, some businesses are stuck on hiring the right people, increasing sales, making payroll, filing taxes and providing remarkable customer service.

Whatever the case may be, there’s always at least one area that you can stand to improve.

Then there’s marketing!

That’s what this post is all about. You know you need to market your business to become or remain visible to your target market. But like most business owners, there are more pressing priorities of operating a business that demands your attention. Your time will be spent on operational issues and you will struggle to find the time to do any marketing at all until you realize that sales are dependent on creating visibility and generating demand for your product or services.

Biggest Small Business Marketing Challenges

  1. Lack of resources (budget / people / time)
  2. Increasing visibility or generating quality leads
  3. Choosing the right social media platforms for my business
  4. Producing and delivering content takes a lot of time
  5. Keeping up with trends and technology

Did You Notice Yet?

Most of these challenges are tactical. That’s good news. Tactical challenges can most often be solved with a little strategic planning and focus. (Strategy Before Tactics)

So, let’s talk about how you can conquer these marketing challenges and successfully market your business.

You Need a Marketing Plan and Strategy But Even More, You Need Clarity and Confidence

Solving the majority of marketing challenges is accomplished by creating a simple marketing plan and strategy to guide your efforts based on your resource and time constraints. I’m not a big fan of writing complicated and lengthy marketing plans. But if you are serious about being in business and want to effectively market it to your ideal client, you need to take the time to plan.

Without a plan and strategy, you have too many “opportunities” coming at you with no way to filter what makes sense for your business. Or without a plan and strategy, the marketing services you’ve hired such as a website developer, print company, social media person, and advertising rep, 9 out 10 times, each of these experts will pull your business into a different direction. In either case, you will most likely waste time and money with little to show for it.

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