Few things are more confusing or mystifying to business owners more than the idea of marketing strategy.

But, rather than debate the idea of what marketing strategy is, I would like to share how to develop it, install it and give it a voice.

Here’s how to create a marketing strategy:

1. Find Your Unique Positioning or (USP)

This is how you state you’re different from your competitors. It’s your unique positioning in the market and it must be developed after you’ve defined your ideal customer. Scheduling some time to ask your best customers why they do business with you, may offer some insight into how you are different in ways that will attract other potential customers.

Positioning or your USP involves planting “seeds of perception” in the minds of prospects and customers, which by-the-way are already crowded.

2. Create a Customer Journey Framework

Strategy thinking forces you to push your marketing strategy above into every marketing activity. I’ve developed a very powerful approach for building this kind of customer journey.

Our approach to the customer journey is a concept that asks you to create communication, processes, offerings, and campaigns aimed at strategically moving prospects and customers through five stages — Awareness, Education, Sample, Purchase and Refer. By viewing each of these stages as a place to reinforce your USP as well as deliver key educational information, you create the kind of journey that leads to your profitable customers.

3. Map Educational Content to Strategy

Once you develop your USP and outline your Customer Journey it’s time to give your strategy a voice. This is done by mapping how you will communicate your USP through educational content that creates awareness, educates, builds trust, and converts.

Over the years I’ve identified four types of content that every business must create. Organizations that get this and create and organize content to connect at any point along the journey will win.

Suspect Content — Everyone in your target market

When your entire target market is not aware of your company, product, service or the benefit it offers, then the first objective of content is to simply build trust.

Trust can be built through:

  • Blogs
  • Testimonials
  • Customer Reviews
  • Articles

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